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January 28, 2022 | Jim Baudino

AZUCA was invented by Ron Silver, the chef behind Bubby’s, New York’s most famous brunch spot. Ron knows a lot—maybe more than anyone—about the art and science of emulsion, aka mixing things that aren’t compatible, like oil and water. When he discovered that the drawbacks of cannabis extracts are tied to its oil-based delivery system, he saw a path to replacing slow-acting, strange-tasting, unpredictable conventional extracts, with a precise, fast-acting and delicious alternative. Inspired, Ron founded AZUCA and succeeded in developing the innovative new process he had envisioned—TiME INFUSION™.


AZUCA TiME INFUSION™ is the most efficient delivery system for cannabis edibles:

  • Fast-Acting, Hydrophilic, and Great Tasting
  • Euphoric Delta-9-THC Effect
  • Temperature & Supply Chain Stable
  • Simple & Scalable Manufacturing
  • Reduces Waste up to 65%