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The Flavor Co.

May 6, 2024 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on The Flavor Co.

At The Flavor Co., we’re passionate about helping cannabis and hemp-derived brands make amazing consumer products.


Moyo Love Juice Joint

January 2, 2024 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Moyo Love Juice Joint

We are a CBD and THC blend beverage company. Started in 2019 by Matthew & Krystal Lovett. We offer a variety of flavors and we ship nationwide.


Dope Drinks

November 7, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Dope Drinks

Africa’s number 1 cannabis beverage now available in 42 states across America.


InTouch Labels & Packaging

November 3, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on InTouch Labels & Packaging

We are custom label printers the specialize in labels for the beverage industry. We have a production facility in MA and CA.


Hybrid Marketing Co

November 3, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Hybrid Marketing Co

Hybrid Marketing Co is a Denver-based branding and marketing agency specializing in building and executing custom strategies that supercharge growth and drive revenue for cannabis businesses. Focused heavily on business outcomes, these strategies align with clients’ key business drivers: increased revenue, reduced risk, reduced cost, improved cashflow, and improved asset efficiency.

With a particular interest and passion for the emerging cannabis beverage category, Hybrid Marketing Co recognizes its potential as a game-changer with the capacity to move the entire industry forward. Hybrid works with companies globally, and its partners run the full spectrum of the cannabis world, including dispensaries, manufacturers, cultivators, ancillary businesses, and, notably, pioneers in the cannabis beverage space.

Visit to learn more about the Hybrid approach, or reach out directly to Director of Strategy Jen Lamboy at


Hop Forward Consulting

October 30, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Hop Forward Consulting

Welcome to Hop Forward! We are a beverage consulting firm that specializes in uncovering opportunities and accelerating growth in the AFNA space. With over three decades of sales, training, and national account experience in both the alcohol and cannabis industries, we have a proven track record of success. Our team is dedicated to helping brands and wholesalers increase their sales and reach their full potential.

Hop Forward has identified opportunities in the AFNA space and is currently launching the world’s first dedicated training and certification program. Additionally, our consulting team is representing clients in craft beer, THC infused beverages, and cannabis industry data services.


Blue Label Packaging Company

October 23, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Blue Label Packaging Company

The mark of an unforgettable first impression. We are your partner in packaging and we put our all into every custom label we make. No exceptions. With no minimum order quantities and a 5-day turnaround for digital label printing, we take pride in helping you perfect your first impression.


Whale Pod Shipper

October 12, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Whale Pod Shipper

Trust that your beverages will arrive safely with Whale Pod, the world’s first and finest direct to consumer infused beverage shipping solution. Compact and ultra-durable, Whale Pods are economically efficient, streamlining your shipping, as well as showcasing your brand from start to post purchase. We are Built For Beverages.



October 12, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Jeng

Alcohol-free, hemp-infused sparkling cocktails inspired by the classics.


Lagersmith Can Supply Co.

September 30, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Lagersmith Can Supply Co.

We supply and decorate cans for beverages.