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Lift Seltzer

November 15, 2021 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Lift Seltzer

Lift Seltzer is crafted in California with natural flavors, a touch of organic agave nectar, and quality California cannabis. A microdose of THC provides a light lift and we added a balanced amount of CBD for a well-rounded experience. Our refreshing Grapefruit, Blackberry, and Pineapple seltzers are infused with 2mg of THC and 6mg of CBD for a light, uplifting, social buzz without the hangover.


MJ Unpacked

June 15, 2021 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on MJ Unpacked

Premiering October 2021, MJ Unpacked is the first cannabis event of its kind that places passionate cannabis retailers and THC CPG brands at the center of it all, with unique opportunities to connect, collaborate and access capital. In a newly imagined format, you’ll be free to learn from fellow professionals, explore expansion opportunities and prepare to be competitive in a national market. It’s where you’ll spark inspiration and illuminate new sources of profitability.

October 21- 22, 2021, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas
Attendance is exclusive to cannabis retail and brand executives with the title manager and above and accredited investors.
There are a limited number of ancillary companies that exhibit.

Spark your expansion, contact: Wendy Campbell to discuss how we can help!

Jage Media produces MJ Unpacked. Jage Media is a business-to-business company that produces distinctive events and focused content that accelerate the growth and profitability of cannabis brands and retailers.


pH Solutions

May 19, 2021 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on pH Solutions

pH Solutions provides analytical support for formulation, product stability and compliance


Procan Labs

May 14, 2021 |by Sergio | Comments Off on Procan Labs

Started in 2017, Procan Labs exists to keep the California cannabis supply chain stabilized and reliable with clean, compliant products required by licensed manufacturers. Our proprietary cold-pressed process insures there are no impurities or harmful residual solvents in our oil, distillate or Terpenes. Today, we are a leader in cannabis extraction and a trusted partner with cultivators and manufacturers.


Weed And Whiskey News

May 14, 2021 |by Sergio | 0 Comments

Weed And Whiskey is a lifestyle news and entertainment portal with fact based information, education and an entertainment news show.



May 7, 2021 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Kalvara

Kalvara was born from a belief that enjoying the euphoric effects of cannabis could be easier, cleaner, and more consistent. Our aim was to create a smoke-free, no-guesswork alternative to other cannabis consumables. With our background in the beverage business, we developed an all-natural cannabis-infused drink that delivers a fast-acting and precise dose of THC every time.

Through a rigorous process of testing and trials, plus the benefits provided by the patented technology of the Vessl™ closure and delivery system, we created Kalvara. Formulated for high bio-availability and rapid onset, we believe that Kalvara is the cannabis drink the world has been waiting for.



April 2, 2021 |by Sergio | 0 Comments

Olala, pronounced OH-lah-lah means “sun-kissed.” That’s how we feel about our products; kissed by the sun and the cannabis gods. Our simple values are shaped by the islands: love your life, love what you do, and love the people you serve. We believe true greatness starts with passion and we instill that passion in every beverage, oil, and extract we produce. Olala is more than just our name. It’s our culture, our heritage, and our way of life. We invite you to join us. After all, it’s Aloha Friday somewhere!