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Kite Soda

Kite Soda

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August 23, 2023 | Jim Baudino
Mission: KITE SODA brings exceptional taste and feel with quality ingredients using locally grown cannabis; Giving a cannabis experience everyone can enjoy whether you are new or familiar with cannabis products.
Market Statement: Kite Soda is a safe cannabis beverage for the end of prohibition days; An adult soda with no taboo. History: Kite Soda was founded in 2022 by Andrew Afrooz of Solid Gold Hemp (2019) with Burning Brothers Brewing (2015).
What makes Kite Soda unique is our partnership which allows us to combine the knowledge and experience of both cannabis and beverage experts to bring you accessible yet refined flavor profiles of the most popular sodas on the market: Citrus, Ginger Ale, Root Beer, & Orange. Kite Soda was the first THC Soda in Minnesota, and was the first THC beverage maker in Minnesota to bring 10mg cans to market. We are members of the Minnesota Hemp Cooperative, Cannabis Beverage Association and Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild respectively.
Kite Soda has earned multiple awards since it’s inception:
2022 Best THC Beverage at Legacy THC/CBD Cup III – Root Beer
2023 Best THC Beverage at GrillFest – Root Beer
2023 Gold Medal THC Soda High Spirit Awards – Root Beer
2023 Silver Medal THC Soda High Spirit Awards – Orange + Cannabis derived terpenes