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Stone Hill

June 29, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Stone Hill

Stone Hill is a New Jersey Class 1 & Class 2 (pending) license holder, with a focus on flower, concentrates, and infused products for the wholesale market.


Natreum Wellness

June 23, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Natreum Wellness

We are veteran and female owned. We are small business focused and provide custom cannabinoid formulations for any experience desired.


Floating Islands

June 14, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Floating Islands

We’re here to connect you to the best parts of life with premium cannabevs. Find your flow, your focus, your journey. And come float with us.


Focused Fluids

May 18, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Focused Fluids

Focused Fluids is a beverage manufacturing facility / beer / soda / water / tea / lemonade / cannabis infused beverages / white label facility.



March 27, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on HighTide

HighTide is on a mission to become a world leader in social cannabis consumption. Founded in 2022, HighTide creates ready to drink cannabis cocktails aimed at helping drinkers tune into life’s great moments. In an increasingly digital and stressful world, our refreshing new take on classic beverages allows you to ride the tide and enjoy the present moment. Made with premium ingredients and crafted with care, High Tide helps people of all walks of life stay present in connection with the people and places that mean the most to them. With each sip we hope you take one step closer to a life that is more balanced and meaningful. We bring cannabis TO LIFE.


Rebel Rabbit

April 7, 2022 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Rebel Rabbit

Rebel Rabbit Seltzer was founded in 2021 to help you reimagine relaxation. We offer spectacularly delicious, non-alcoholic seltzers infused with Delta 8, a Federally legal form of THC known for good times, chill vibes, and no hangovers. We created this seltzer for anyone looking to cut back on the alcohol and its health implications while still having fun, connecting with friends, and drinking socially.


Founded in Greenville, South Carolina, we have remained steadfast in our mission to create innovative solutions to substance abuse while creating a delicious product that is bursting with flavor and promotes great times with good friends. Backed by our passion for creating products and solution that lead to healthier living, harm reduction, and improved mental health, Rebel Rabbit Seltzer is the perfect solution for those who want to cut back on drinking but not on fun.


Wynk ;)

November 9, 2021 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Wynk ;)

Enjoy a microdose of relaxation with Wynk, a delicious THC + CBD infused seltzer.