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Blue Label Packaging Company

October 23, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Blue Label Packaging Company

The mark of an unforgettable first impression. We are your partner in packaging and we put our all into every custom label we make. No exceptions. With no minimum order quantities and a 5-day turnaround for digital label printing, we take pride in helping you perfect your first impression.


You Betcha Cannabis Company

September 30, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on You Betcha Cannabis Company

You Betcha Cannabis Company is a health & wellness company that provides products with a purpose. We pride ourselves in being a seed to shelf cannabis company with certified organic soil.


Pause Sparkling Water

July 20, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Pause Sparkling Water

Since 2014 Noon Whistle Brewing has been making delicious award-winning craft beer. Pause CBD Water is hand-crafted in Noon Whistle’s brewery using sparkling water, all natural flavors and premium CBD. It is a clean, refreshing, sugar-free, calorie-free, alcohol-free beverage that consistently provides 20mg of CBD in each 12 ounce can.


Monaco Pearl

June 29, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Monaco Pearl

Monaco Pearl provides a line of instant-release nitrogen pressurized twist-cap beverages.


Stone Hill

June 29, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Stone Hill

Stone Hill is a New Jersey Class 1 & Class 2 (pending) license holder, with a focus on flower, concentrates, and infused products for the wholesale market.


Natreum Wellness

June 23, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Natreum Wellness

We are veteran and female owned. We are small business focused and provide custom cannabinoid formulations for any experience desired.


Floating Islands

June 14, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Floating Islands

We’re here to connect you to the best parts of life with premium cannabevs. Find your flow, your focus, your journey. And come float with us.


Superior Molecular

June 14, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on Superior Molecular

Founded in 2017, Superior Molecular is a leader in the hemp-derived cannabis industry. Specializing in contract manufacturing and innovative ingredient development, our cannabinoid products are used by some of the largest beverage makers in Minnesota, including Bent Paddle and Modist Brewing.



March 27, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on HighTide

HighTide is on a mission to become a world leader in social cannabis consumption. Founded in 2022, HighTide creates ready to drink cannabis cocktails aimed at helping drinkers tune into life’s great moments. In an increasingly digital and stressful world, our refreshing new take on classic beverages allows you to ride the tide and enjoy the present moment. Made with premium ingredients and crafted with care, High Tide helps people of all walks of life stay present in connection with the people and places that mean the most to them. With each sip we hope you take one step closer to a life that is more balanced and meaningful. We bring cannabis TO LIFE.


California Wellness Beverage Co. LLC

March 5, 2023 |by Jim Baudino | Comments Off on California Wellness Beverage Co. LLC

Family owned winery infusing dealcoholized wine with hemp based CBD & CBG