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PRESS RELEASE: Rebel Rabbit High Seltzer Reinvents Cannabis-Infused Beverages; Remakes Itself in the Process

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PRESS RELEASE: Rebel Rabbit High Seltzer Reinvents Cannabis-Infused Beverages; Remakes Itself in the Process

June 5, 2023 | Jim Baudino | Business, Industry News, Press Release


June 5, 2023

Rebel Rabbit High Seltzer reinvents cannabis-infused beverages; remakes itself in the process

The pioneering beverage maker leads shift to Delta-9-infused beverages as it unveils new branding to reflect commitment to innovation and connection.

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Rebel Rabbit High Seltzer announced that it has shifted its full line of specialty beverages away from Delta-8 THC and toward Delta-9 THC as it remakes the specialty beverage category to better fit consumer preferences. The move coincides with the company’s rebrand designed to reinforce Rebel Rabbit’s spirit of innovation and building connection. Innovation is at the heart of the Rebel Rabbit brand— the company became the first in the nation to offer a fully federally legal Delta-9 specialty beverage in 2022.

“Delta-9-infused beverages provide our customers with what they want: naturally-occurring, premium ingredients that are healthier, refreshing and a legal alternative to alcohol,” said Billy Goldsmith, co-founder of Rebel Rabbit. “Our shift to all-natural Delta-9 THC is one way we’re leading the innovation curve.”

Rebel Rabbit launched in 2021 with a full line of specialty cannabis beverages infused with Delta-8, which is a synthetically-produced THC product. Since then, the brand developed its Delta-9 line, in part by leveraging its partnership with SōRSE Technology  the leading water-soluble technology used for infusing CBD and hemp emulsions into commercially available products. Delta-9 is produced naturally by legal hemp plants.

“We started Rebel Rabbit for people who demand great-taste when they relax, unwind or have fun with zero hangover,” said Pierce Wylie, co-founder of Rebel Rabbit. “But we make a great tasting beverage that is about more than flavor; we’re a recreational drink that is about more than having fun: we know that people often connect with our products because of our culture of independence and bucking the status quo. Our new brand conveys that same sense of attitude and purpose to our customers.”

The rebrand features a modern look that combines the company’s iconic name – which pays homage to Greenville’s Swamp Rabbit Trail – with vibrant, eye-popping colors. The new logo and packaging design will appear on Rebel Rabbit’s new website in June.

Rebel Rabbit Delta 9 beverages are offered in mandarin orange, grapefruit and lemon lime flavors. Two doses are available: Wild Hare with 10 mg THC and Mild Hare with 5 mg THC.

To learn more about Rebel Rabbit, visit or use their store locator tool to find a retail location near you.



Founded in Greenville, South Carolina, Rebel Rabbit has remained steadfast in their mission to create a delicious product that is bursting with flavor and promotes good times with great friends. Backed by their passion for providing consumers with choices that lead to healthier living, harm reduction, and improved mental health, Rebel Rabbit Seltzer is the perfect fit for those who want to cut back on drinking but not on fun.