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PRESS RELEASE: Cannabis Beverage Association and Cannabis Media Council Partner to Expand “I’m High Right Now” Campaign to Celebrate 820, National Drink Cannabis Day

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I'm High Right Now

PRESS RELEASE: Cannabis Beverage Association and Cannabis Media Council Partner to Expand “I’m High Right Now” Campaign to Celebrate 820, National Drink Cannabis Day

August 15, 2023 | Jim Baudino | Business, Industry News, Press Release


SACRAMENTO, Calif., August 15, 2023 – The Cannabis Beverage Association (CBA) and the Cannabis Media Council (CMC) today announced the launch of a campaign to bring awareness to “820,” or National Drink Cannabis Day, a new cannabis holiday to be celebrated by drinking cannabis or hemp beverages annually on August 20th. The collaboration between the CBA and CMC will also launch a beverage-inspired social and digital campaign designed to raise awareness of the category and celebrate this mainstream method of cannabis and hemp consumption.

The “I’m High Right Now: 820 Edition” campaign leverages the success of the CMC’s campaign launched earlier this year, which portrays cannabis as a potential enhancement to everyday activities and routines, and encourages the rethinking the meaning of the concept of “being high.” Similarly, the 820 initiative represents an inclusive social media and digital campaign for brands, retailers and consumers, and features a variety of assets, including images and social media templates that can be customized to promote 820 and the benefits of cannabis-infused beverages. Brands, consumers, and retailers are invited to participate in a series of events across the country on 820 to celebrate and enjoy cannabis and hemp beverages.

“We are excited to partner with the Cannabis Media Council to launch this new campaign,” said Diana Eberlein, Chair of the CBA and VP of Marketing and Business Development at SōRSE Technology, who registered National Drink Cannabis Day in 2022 and is spearheading this partnership. “This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the cannabis beverage category and the many benefits that these products offer. We encourage everyone to join us in celebrating 820 and the future of infused beverages.”

“The Cannabis Media Council is committed to promoting playful, accurate, and responsible advertising campaigns about cannabis,” said Allison Disney, Founding Board Member of the CMC. “We are excited to partner with the Cannabis Beverage Association on a dedicated 820 edition of the ‘I’m High Right Now’ campaign to help educate consumers and highlight the variety of cannabis-infused beverages available to learn more about how to enjoy them safely and responsibly, while having a great time.”

The “I’m High Right Now: 820 Edition” campaign assets are available on the CBA website. To learn more about 820 and how you can participate in the campaign, visit

The CBA and the CMC encourage consumers to celebrate 820 responsibly by drinking responsibly, knowing their limits, and avoiding driving under the influence of cannabis.

The “I’m High Right Now: 820 Edition is brought to you by our proud sponsors and CBA members: Simple Garden CBD, Rebel Rabbit, Kite Soda, Harmony Craft Beverages, and SōRSE Technology.

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