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How Women are Ruling the Cannabis Beverage Industry

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How Women are Ruling the Cannabis Beverage Industry

March 24, 2023 | Jim Baudino | Blog, Business, Industry News

As the cannabis beverage industry continues to see tremendous growth, women are leading the charge in this new and exciting field, paving the way for innovative products and creating a more inclusive market. From pioneering entrepreneurs to executives at major companies, women are transforming the cannabis beverage industry and making it more accessible for everyone. The CBA is proud to include many women who are ruling the cannabis beverage industry by impacting innovation, accessibility and consumer perception of these products. Here are a few of the women in the CBA who are shaking up the cannabis beverage world. 

Meet the Women of the CBA

Diana Eberlein is VP of Sales and Marketing at Sōrse Technology, where she oversees sales strategy and marketing support for the company’s emulsion technology. She is also the President of the Cannabis Beverage Association, where she is driving overall category awareness, lobbying efforts and trade evangelism. 

Judith Schvimmer is a CBA Board member and Chief Legal Counsel at The Parent Company, where she guides the corporation on regulatory, compliance and business operations and strategy, M&A, and more, including FDA and FTC agency regulations. 

Lisa Hurwitz has been making waves in the midwest market with Happi and its line of infused sparkling waters. As President of this growing brand, Lisa has opened the door for women cannabis beverage consumers by building an inclusive, warm and welcoming brand that appeals to the cannacurious. 

At House of Saka, CBA Board members Cynthia Salarizadeh and Tracey Mason have built a line of luxury nonalcoholic infused wines for women, by women. The brand’s specific female audience overlaps with existing cultures around women and wine, leveraging this community to bridge the gap to cannabis beverages. 

As the leader of the CBA’s social media marketing efforts, Taira Daniel, Co-Founder and General Manager of bu’kei agency brings her expertise in navigating social media messaging for cannabis beverages to our collective benefit. Her female-focused work with brands such as House of Saka has positioned her as an expert in speaking to this consumer set. 

As the Co-Founder of Azuca, Kim Sanchez Rael has created disruptive infusion technology that is driving innovation across the cannabis industry. Her deep experience across a variety of business environments makes her an impressive example of women in corporate leadership in capital, cannabis, and beyond.  

Julie Saltzman, Director of Cannabis Business Development, from Berlin Packaging has been leading the charge to support the growing hemp and cannabis industry for the 100+ year old company. She has the vision for where the market is headed and knows that relationships are key to building a sustainable business.

At Jage Media, Wendy Campbell is the VP of Sales for the company’s successful B2B show, MJ Unpacked. There, Wendy has helped develop and scale this B2B industry show, where they have built opportunities for beverage brands to exhibit, network and get in front of key partners and investors.