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March 24, 2023 | Jim Baudino

The Rexis Biotech and Pharmaceutical success begins with our proprietary drug delivery platform, Fused Polymorph Nano Fiber Technology™. We are helping our partners around the globe develop the next generation of hydrophobic drug delivery systems designed to meaningfully improve existing delivery paradigms while creating novel systems for biological targets linked to both therapeutic and recreational applications.

Our team has several decades of experience in developing novel delivery systems from concept-to-clinical with a commercially proven platform that enables rapid candidate selection and accelerated CMC development for a wide range of complex modalities and needs.


Board Member: Ryan Erving, COO at Rexis Biotech

Ryan Erving is a strategic growth and implementation specialist. His expertise is in guiding startups through the process of building their teams, from pre-seed through funded series rounds. 

Ryan Erving

While working with startups in the dotcom days Ryan realized that where he really excelled, and was the most excited, was working with smaller companies at the beginning of their journey.  After this revelation in 2015, Ryan began consulting in the Cannabis industry where he leveraged 20+ years of business experience, his MBA and B.S. in Organizational Development to guide 30+ cannabis companies through the process of building foundational business practices, regulatory compliance, supply chain, multi-state expansion, strategic partnerships and high performing teams.  Since 2019 Ryan has been the COO at Rexis Biotech helping companies and brands launch high quality edibles and beverages in the legalized cannabis industry.

For more information on Ryan’s professional background:

Why did you join the cannabis industry?
  • I stumbled upon the industry when I was consulting in Silicon Valley 8 years ago.  I very quickly gravitated to the wide open unknown of how this industry was going to grow up.  It was clear that my deep experience in business operations, sales, supply chain and team building could add value to an industry with an amazing product that sold itself.  I was fortunate to have a few clients in the early years that taught me so much about the plant as medicine and I got to watch cannabis change people’s lives.  I was immediately hooked and knew that I wanted to spend my time helping people and helping the plant.
Why did you join the CBA?  
  • My belief is that drinks will be the pathway that will allow cannabis to become accepted and widely adopted in our society.  When I consulted, I was exposed to the challenges of making a water base drink with an oil-based product.  Since I joined the Rexis team, as COO, my knowledge about the science behind cannabis drinks has exploded.  There is so much miss information in our nation and I know that the more of us in the trenches who can share our knowledge will help accelerate the growth and acceptance of this industry and the form factor we have chosen to work with.  I know it sounds cliche, but I am a firm believer that there is a ton of space for everyone to succeed in the cannabis drink space and if we work together, we will all benefit from each other.  I am at the point in my career that I have value to add and I have the time to give back to the industry and this plant.
Why are you interested in or focused on beverages?
  • Our society defaults to alcohol drinks for social settings.  It is clear to me that mass adoption of cannabis will come in the form factor of a drink far more so than smoking (in the long run).  If we can make cannabis-based products that mimic the experience of drinking alcohol, then a much larger group of people will be willing to experience cannabis.  That is why we make drinks the way we do; They kick-in in about 10-15 minutes, one drink hits about the same as one cocktail, and the high turns off in about an hour.  This way people can socially enjoy a drink (or a few) in an evening and not get blasted by consuming more than one edible in a night.  We hope to help people avoid the experience of over dosing and not having a good experience.  I believe that a cannabis drink is significantly more healthy for the human body than alcohol and I believe through cannabis drinks we can help society get a lot more healthy while having fun too.
What activities do you enjoy outside of work?
  • I love being outdoors.
    • I’m an avid mountain biker year-round and in the winter
    • I am a volunteer Ski Patroller at Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe.
    • Trail running and playing with our Husky always brings a smile to my face.
  • I have an amazing wife, of 20+ years, who has been incredibly supportive on my journey in this industry and we love going on adventures with our 3 teenagers.