September 15, 2020 | Sergio

Spacestation specializes in turnkey contract manufacturing and distribution solutions that enable companies of all sizes to effectively develop a cannabis-infused beverage and take their new product to market. By combining modern strategies and systems with cutting-edge facilities and innovative technology, we create the most premium cannabis-infused consumable products on the market.

Macai Polansky

CBA Co-Founder, Spacestation Mfg & Spacestation Distro Co-Founder

+1 (916) 342-9500

Reason to join Cannabis Industry?
I joined the cannabis industry, first and foremost, for my love for the plant. I’ve seen first-hand how its therapeutic benefits can provide relief to pain and illness and how it can help users find peace and homeostasis. I’ve seen it’s power to unit people of all walks of life together in its defense. Lastly, I joined the cannabis industry for the opportunities that it does and will provide. I firmly believe that cannabis and it’s plethora of uses known and yet to be discovered, will provide opportunities to entrepreneurs for generations to come.

Interest in Cannabis Industry?
My interest and focus on infused-beverage stems from my goal to provide more approachable and session-able ways to consume cannabis. In my life, cannabis has always been a part of my social life, but anymore, I find that myself and my friends and family are trying to get away from smoking and vaping. Infused beverages offer the social experience of beer, wine and spirits, but without the consequences of alcolhol consumption. Also, I’ve found that infused beverages provide the most enjoyable experience of all the cannabis products I’ve tried in my life.

Activities enjoy outside of work?
Outside of work, I live for music and experience festivals. They are my favorite way to spend a weekend. When I’m not able to do those, I enjoy boating activities and anything I can do with my family that includes adventure and quality time.

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