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September 11, 2020 | Sergio

Harmony Craft Beverages (HCB) is a beverage brand incubator and accelerator building the innovation pipeline and paving the path for brand growth and infrastructure development in low- and no-alcohol and functional infused-beverages. HCB helps develop premium beverage brands and products using state-of-the-art technology and processes by utilizing a full-service suite of innovative solutions including brand development and design, product development, formulation, distribution, sales and marketing, finance and accounting. Our unique ecosystem of resources and team of cannabis, hospitality, and food and beverage experts strategically provide beverage-first services and resources that help brands succeed as part of its Portfolio model. For more information, visit and follow along on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Malus cannabis-infused cider, Klaus RTD cannabis cocktail founded by author and entrepreneur Warren Bobrow, and Herbaceé infused rosé founded by author, sommelier, and entrepreneur, Jamie Evans, are a few of the brands that we have helped bring to market with a focus on the hemp/cannabis industry.

Evan Eneman
Founder & CEO

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Evan Eneman is an LA-based entrepreneur, investor and advisor specializing in the cannabis and hemp industries. He is the founder of Sands Lane Holdings, which includes an ecosystem of companies focused on the cannabis and hemp industries, including Sands Lane Ventures (brand incubator), Fiorello Agency (brand strategy and creative agency) and Sands Lane Capital (purpose-driven venture investment platform).

Previous to Sands Lane, Evan founded and served as the vice chairman of a professional services platform called ELLO, in partnership with top 100 accounting and advisory firm MGO to establish and operate proper infrastructure to ensure effective governance and rapid growth for cannabis companies. As CEO of the MGO | ELLO Platform, Evan led the national cannabis practice through the end of 2019, helping the firm become a market leader in tax, accounting, assurance and advisory services to the cannabis and hemp industries. The practice expanded to include the boutique investment banking platform ELLO Capital, which focuses on capital formation and strategic advisory services inclusive of mergers and acquisitions.

Evan started his career in cannabis and hemp by launching one of the first institutional cannabis venture firms, Casa Verde Capital. Prior to his work in cannabis and hemp, Eneman served as a director at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP for 12 years between New York and Los Angeles, advising clients on strategy, operations, technology, governance, risk, cyber-security and privacy. His clients included marquee brands and leading Fortune 100 companies in media, technology, financial services and the intersection of all three. Evan’s early career was diverse with leadership roles in an array of categories including music, entertainment, and hospitality, where he developed and oversaw operations and production processes for boutique creative firms in New York and Los Angeles.

Throughout his career, Eneman remains committed to helping others. While at PwC, he was selected as the Southern California market delegate for Project Belize, an international development leadership program focused on financial literacy and environmental sustainability. He has since served as an executive team member at Minds Matter of Los Angeles, and is now launching Sands Lane Foundation, a new vehicle intended to address social and economic issues and injustices.

Evan is the president emeritus of the Wharton Club of Southern California and co-founder and board member of the Wharton Alumni Angel Network. He is also a board member of the Cannabis Beverage Association and a member of the Wharton Alumni Cannabis Club. He spends most of his waking hours loving his daughter Olivia, his wife Meredith and their labradoodle Quincy.


Jim Baudino

CBA Marketing Committee Chair
Sands Lane Partner




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