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820 Drink Cannabis Day

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Technically it’s “Water-Soluble Cannabinoid Consumption Day,” but August 20th is more widely known as “Drink Cannabis Day” – A day where consumers enjoy hemp and cannabis-infused products that use water-soluble emulsion technology. Cannabis can be consumed for recreational and therapeutic purposes, and water-soluble cannabinoids allow for a socially acceptable and discreet method to consume and enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

This is a day for us to do a collective “cheers” to appreciate the multitude of applications for the plant and celebrate how it has improved our lives. We want to bring awareness to the advances in cannabis-infused products for consumers to safely enjoy cannabis (in any setting).

Water-soluble technology solves historical issues that have plagued the cannabis industry. Infused products offer the following benefits to consumers:

  • More Rapid Onset
  • Shorter Effect Duration
  • Consistent Experience
  • Known Form Factor

Why was this day created

The cannabis industry, as a whole, has 420 (on 4/20) and oil-based cannabis products have 710 (on 7/10, which is OIL flipped upside down and backwards). So why can’t products infused with water-soluble hemp or cannabis compounds have a day?


August 20th or “820,” was chosen as a nod to water’s chemical composition, H2O – H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, and the 20 is representative of the “2O”. The 20 also aligns with the original cannabis consumption holiday, 420. The date does fall in the middle of summer, which happens to be one of the best times to enjoy beverages.


How should 820 be observed?   

Enjoy hemp and cannabis-infused products (beverages, edibles, topicals, capsules/pressed pills, etc.) that use water-soluble emulsion technology at social gatherings, river floating, watching movies/TV, even a relaxing/recovery day of self-care!  Just like your favorite beverage, you can 820 any way you like!

This year, the Cannabis Beverage Association (CBA) and Cannabis Media Council (CMC) Partnered to Expand the CMC’s “I’m High Right Now” Campaign to Celebrate 820, National Drink Cannabis Day.

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