K-Zen Beverages

K-Zen Beverages

September 11, 2020 | Sergio

Founded in 2018, K-Zen is a maker of cannabis-infused drinks committed to normalizing cannabis and inspiring new ways for consumers to enjoy its benefits. Its mission is to create a portfolio of cannabis beverage brands that people love and trust by delivering consistent formulas, great-tasting flavors and rapid, predictable effects.

Website: https://www.kzen.co

Judy Yee
CEO / Co-Founder

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Judy Yee is the CEO and Co-Founder of K-Zen Beverages, a cannabis beverage company that delivers consistent formulas, delicious flavors, and rapid, predictable effects. A seasoned executive with 20+ years in healthy food & beverage, Judy’s expertise in new product innovation, along with her passion for bringing healthier products to consumers, are the driving forces behind her work to create great tasting cannabis beverages and brands people deeply enjoy and trust.

Prior to K-Zen, Judy served as EVP of Marketing and Innovation for Crystal Geyser Water Company, re-igniting company growth through new products, e-commerce and new market expansions. She also served as Chief Marketing Officer at Earthbound Farm and held senior marketing roles at The Clorox Company and Nestle.

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