August 19, 2021 | Jim Baudino

Houseplant co-founders Seth & Evan have spent most of their lives not only smoking weed, but studying what makes certain strains ideal for productivity, relaxation, or simply having a good time. With Houseplant, they have made it their mission to curate only the weed that is up to their incredibly high standards and to educate the public about what goes into creating quality cannabis.

That is why we work tirelessly to develop and refine the Houseplant curation process, which allows us to confidently say Houseplant is unlike any other brand on the market. The weed you’ll find in Houseplant tins represents not only the weed that Seth & Evan love, but the finest product that growers across the state of California have to offer. Our unique triple curated process is the way we achieve that goal—starting with locating the industry’s leading cultivators, working with them to develop the best strains, and then rigorously vetting each batch to ensure only the highest quality nugs end up in Houseplant tins.