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Our Mission

To advance the interests of cannabis beverage producers and their consumers through advocacy and education. It is our mission to help the burgeoning cannabis beverage sector reach it’s potential; a potential beyond a robust market cap, but that can offset societies dangerous affliction with alcohol consumption with products that are enjoyable, sessionable and offer the healthful benefits offered by cannabis consumption.

Our Values

The CBA values:

  • Sensible Regulation – regulations that protect the consumers and business operators alike, but allow enough freedom for businesses and the industry to prosper.
  • Ongoing Education – keeping manufacturers, policy makers, and consumers up to date on the latest and most important information relevant to the manufacturing and consumption of cannabis-infused beverages .
  • Increasing Access – cannabis beverages allow consumers to enjoy cannabis in a form they’re familiar and comfortable with. We believe that cannabis-infused beverages should be available beyond the tradition grab-n-go dispensary. The future should include onsite consumption at events, in lounges and cafe’s and even nightclubs and bars.